Customer journey

With the proliferation of digital channels, customers and prospects are taking increasingly complex journeys that need to be identified and marked up in order to trigger scenarios that will allow them to be satisfied and meet the company's objectives. Almavia CX supports you in this effort which starts upstream with an audit of your data and digital ecosystem, and which continues downstream with regular measurement of scenario performance.

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A complex and chaotic customer journey

With the multiplication of digital media and the digitization of physical channels, the customer journey is becoming increasingly complex and chaotic. For example, a customer or prospect will go back and forth several times between the merchant site, social networks or store, before buying on the web, coming back to the after-sales service of the store, and giving his opinion on social networks. His behavior can also change depending on the time of the year or the moments of life. However, the company must understand and anticipate these behaviors in order to offer the right products and services, at the right time and on the right channels.

Identify typical customer paths

To meet these challenges, companies can no longer be content to build massive, one-off marketing campaigns, even when they are based on segmentation. The solution is to use data science to design typical customer paths that will trigger marketing actions. For example, data science has shown, without any preconceived ideas, that after the first purchase on the merchant's website, a purchase in the store at the same time will strongly increase the customer's value in the long term. In addition to data science, the common sense of the marketer remains important. For example, a customer who has expressed dissatisfaction during an interaction is obviously at risk of switching to the competition. Other customer journeys will be triggered by life events (birthday, birth, move). In practice, the idea is to design a few dozen customer paths in this way.

Design scenarios associated with these journeys

For each customer journey, we write a scenario that makes the customer evolve in a communication universe corresponding to his expectations in terms of offers, communication channels, frequency of contact, or moments of life. These scenarios will also meet the company's objectives. For example, when a customer has made a first online purchase, he will be sent an e-mail inviting him to visit the store nearest to his home. These scenarios will trigger personalized interactions over different channels - phone, email, or web. For example, the scenario will be able to adapt the content of the merchant site when the customer visits it. Potentially, a customer will be able to enter one or more of these paths at any time. These scenarios are then implemented in the marketing platform, which will trigger them whenever it detects a customer or prospect entering one of the paths.

What do we do

Business consulting

  • Audit of the Data and Digital Ecosystem
  • Analysis of marketing scenarios and their performances, assessment, and lessons
  • Recommendation and proposal of new cross-channel customer routes

Design of customer journeys

  • Design of cross-channel customer paths (email, web, mobile, SMS...)
  • Design of customer targets and messages
  • Elaboration of KPIs to measure customer journeys

KPIs and performance measurement

  • Audit of existing reports and analysis of customer needs
  • Design and construction of new key indicators
  • Parameterization and industrialization of the reports through the solutions on the market.

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