Our support

Almavia CX supports you using the methods and approaches most suited to your context and your challenges, with the result and customer satisfaction as an obligation.

Our Business, Data, and Solutions experts intervene within the framework of medium and long-term missions in a way that is totally integrated into your teams, your projects, and your organization.

We audit your environment both from a business perspective (Marketing, Customer Service, Salesforce, UX) and from a Solution and Data perspective in order to recommend areas for improvement in the short and medium-term in response to your needs.

We operate in recurring service mode the maintenance and the technical and functional evolutions of your platforms as well as the management of interactions and interfaces with the IS, through an industrial organization of piloting and delivery allowing us to meet precise commitments of service levels.

Our deliverables and recommendations enable you to improve the experience of your customers, optimize the Customer Journey, and better exploit your Solutions.

We carry out your projects by implementing all our business know-how and our technical and functional expertise of the main solutions on the market while respecting deadlines and budget commitments.

We continuously operate and orchestrate the continuous performance of your platforms and the enhancement of your data, through business-oriented KPIs. Our functional experts also support you in the operation of solutions to optimize existing customer paths and design new use cases.

Our modes of intervention

We offer 3 support packages to best meet your needs

Almavia CX reinforces your teams, on a one-off or long-term basis, thanks to consultants that we train and who are imbued with your culture. We guarantee the quality of the services they deliver thanks to permanent monitoring.

Almavia CX takes full charge of the realization of the project you wish to delegate, starting if necessary from the expression of the need to go all the way to the exploitation.

Benefit from a remote competence center to guarantee the success of your digital transformation.

Considered as an additional element of competitiveness and flexibility, outsourcing offers greater flexibility in the event of fluctuations in your activity.

Our engagements

Making and keeping performance commitments and specific and measurable results are fundamentals that characterize us.

We combine expertise to address the entire Customer Experience value chain and promote customer satisfaction.

We are committed to being a trusted third party in order to provide all our expertise and neutrality in the exclusive interest of our clients.

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