Almavia CX supports companies and administrations in the digital transformation of their customer relationship, which are evolving under the influence of new digital channels and services.

Who are we?

The digital surge is fundamentally transforming the customer experience. The customer himself becomes digital, mobile and ultra-connected. His journey goes through multiple paths, channels, services and applications. To support this development and take advantage of it, the company must make this journey more fluid, build a unified view, collect and use the information it generates and ultimately, transform its IS and rethink its organization and its processes. Being a specialist in the transformation and optimization of the customer experience, Almavia CX responds to these new challenges thanks to a strong expertise in omnichannel CRM, in digital marketing, in data science and in digital platforms.

We assist our clients faced with the necessary transformation of their organizations. We help them to translate their business ideas into projects, we frame these projects and we help in the choice of suppliers and technologies.

We implement software and telecom solutions in our areas of expertise: multi-channel contact centers, CRM tools, CTI, software development, digital platforms (web and mobile apps), complex architectures, marketing campaign management tools, underlying server, and network infrastructures.

Key figures


Customer eXperience

collaborators at the end of 2022

M€ of CA in 2022

Areas of expertise

Our values

Independence from publishers and manufacturers

We have no products for sale, nor preferred business partners. Our employees are free to make the choices they recommend.

Beauty is in simplicity

Simplicity, a guarantee of efficiency and performance, so complex to achieve, is born from the marriage of psychology and technology, of the conceptual and the technical, of the fluidity of the interfaces, and the clarity of the code.

A customer's trust is earned

Our ambition is to establish a relationship based on trust. This trust is earned. Our interventions, whether on a contract or fixed-price basis, are calculated at the right price. From this permanent search for honesty and quality trust is born.

Mastery makes it possible to keep our commitments

When we intervene on a domain, we master it. Our project culture is focused on results and not on means, even when we intervene on a project management basis.

The council, beyond the simple provision of resources

By choosing Almavia CX, our clients are not looking for a simple interim reinforcement but a contribution of skills and expertise. We systematically play our consulting role, both on business and organizational aspects as well as on technical aspects.

Sharing our skills

Our ability to advise you is always accompanied by the transfer of our skills. Indeed, we want to share with our customers the sum of the skills resulting from our previous experiences. At the same time, we raise our own competencies in contact with the specific know-how of each customer for each project.

Our team

Managing Director
Deputy Managing Director - Customer eXperience Business Development
CX Consulting
Web & Mobile
Data Marketing
Relation Client & Omnicanal
insurance sector
Human Resources Department
Communication group

Where we are

Our head office is located in Paris, but our teams are able to intervene anywhere in France, directly or through our offices. Almavia CX has several locations in metropolitan France, and a permanent presence in Kiev.


Our CSR approach

ALMAVIA_CX_SAS_Scorecard_2024_01_09-1 copie.png

Almavia CX leads a voluntarist approach in the area of ​​Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), synonymous with a positive impact on society. It starts with respect for the environment, in particular by reducing energy consumption. It is also about improving the social environment and respect for human rights (working conditions, employee health and safety). CSR also covers the notion of ethics, in particular through an information security policy embodied in ISO 27001 certification. Almavia CX is also implementing a responsible purchasing policy synonymous with social and environmental clauses in supplier contracts. These efforts were validated by a silver medal awarded during an audit carried out by EcoVadis, a specialist in CSR. At the same time, Almavia CX regularly participates in actions and other charitable events.

Nextedia Group

Almavia CX, the Customer Experience division

The Nextedia group specializes in consulting and high added value services in the areas of Cybersecurity, Cloud, Digital Workslace and Customer Experience.

With more than 300 experts, the Group provides its clients with real business and technological expertise, coupled with an end-to-end support capacity, from consulting to the implementation of the main market-leading solutions.

The Nextedia Group is listed on Euronext Growth.

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