Marketing campaigns

Once the campaigns and customer journeys have been designed and implemented, it is a matter of executing them by creating their content and then triggering it. Downstream, their results will be analyzed to draw conclusions. This daily work can be taken over by Almavia CX.

Your business specific

Execute traditional campaigns

Traditional, punctual, massive, and non-personalized marketing campaigns still exist for technical or cultural reasons. They can remain relevant in certain contexts. For each campaign, content must be designed. Once static and basic, they are becoming increasingly rich. For example, newsletters are now based on templates built from dynamic blocks customized according to recipients' profiles. The design of this content, therefore, requires an increasing effort. It is then a matter of determining a target resulting for example from segmentation and then triggering the execution of the campaign.

Manage marketing programs based on customer journeys

Traditional campaigns are increasingly being supplanted by the notion of marketing programs, which are synonymous with personalized customer-typical paths based on multiple criteria. The corresponding scenarios are then triggered automatically, as they unfold, for example during interactions with the brand. A marketing program thus takes the form of a recurring marketing campaign. Although its execution is automatic, the management of a marketing program requires a regular adjustment of the messages. It also involves continuously analyzing the effectiveness of the program to optimize the customer journey.

A daily and constant effort

Following a data science approach, the marketer designs customer paths and marketing campaigns and then implements them in the platform. All this in project mode. The execution of marketing campaigns and the management of marketing programs are then recurring efforts. The company can choose to take charge of this effort itself or to be accompanied by a specialist such as Almavia CX.

What do we do

Activation and automation of marketing campaigns

  • Implementation and triggering of data-driven marketing scenarios
  • Display test and rendering optimization
  • Control of deliverability

Steering the performance of marketing campaigns

  • Analysis of results of cross-channel marketing campaigns
  • Business review and lessons learned
  • Recommendations of optimization axes

Improvement of customer journeys

  • Recurrent optimization of current marketing scenarios (targets, messages...)
  • Integration of new customer integration channels
  • Configuration of new customer routes

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