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Almavia CX's Omnichannel Interactions division addresses digital channel management projects (web, email, social networks, or Chat). The Voice channel can also be present, but it is then managed by a dedicated platform. This does not preclude a global view of all channels.

Your business specific

An increasingly complex digital customer journey

Some companies privilege digital channels such as the web, e-mail, social networks, or chat, to the detriment of voice, which is present but minor. To these channels, we will add face-to-face because stores, agencies, and sales representatives are digitizing themselves. Once linear and well-marked, this path is becoming more complex and chaotic. Indeed, customers and prospects successively use several channels before making their decision: face-to-face, e-mail, company website, advertising banners, social networks, or consumer reviews.

To meet these challenges, the company must manage the customer journey with fluidity and consistency. The agent must have a global view of the history of the journey and can trigger all the necessary actions at each stage, responding to requests via the customer's preferred channel, depending on the context. Agents and supervisors also need to identify key moments in the customer journey, especially during high value-added or emotionally charged interactions. In addition, the company needs to optimize its human resources and reduce its costs through self-service, which is offered at the right time. It must also optimize its campaigns, respect the RGPD, or measure and improve its e-reputation and the efficiency of its customer service.

Specific technologies and products

The response to customer requirements and business constraints requires the deployment and integration of multiple tools and technologies. At the heart of a solution, the digital interaction management platform treats all channels in a homogeneous way. It distributes contact requests according to the skills of the call center agents, the profile and context of the customer, or according to the media used. Natural language analysis is used to qualify written requests and detect emotions. Management functions tend to be deported to smartphones to allow the supervisor to be alerted and to access them at any time. Other functions are integrated into the solution or delegated to the CRM. This is the case of self-service, which is based on an intelligent knowledge base. This database contains hundreds or even thousands of articles that provide all the answers to potential questions related to a product or service. It is consulted by customers, prospects, and agents. Its interactions with customer service and self-service bring its content to life. Certain functions are more often provided by third-party tools. RPA (Agent Process Automation) thus helps the agent to process all the steps of a request, regardless of the channels involved. Other examples include tools for measuring and managing e-reputation, emotion analysis, and feedback management.

IS integration and an evolution towards the cloud

The integration of the digital interaction management solution first of all concerns the CRM, for example in order to exploit the customer knowledge managed by the latter to direct requests, to make the CRM file go up, or to enrich the customer knowledge in the CRM. All digital interaction management solutions are now available in SaaS version. This mode facilitates the deployment on multiple sites but at the same time, it ensures a good integration with the internal IS, the voice solution, and other SaaS applications.

What do we do

Integration with Voice media

  • Integration of the digital contact center with the voice media, often managed by a third-party solution.
  • Integration with the information system - CRM in mind.

Deployment, integration and implementation of a multi-channel contact center

  • Design, integration, and implementation of an omnichannel contact center focused on digital channels.
  • Deployment of solutions for omnichannel interaction management, self-service, intelligent knowledge base, RPA tools, natural language analysis, e-reputation management, feedback management, chatbots, callbots and voicebots, and contact center management.

High availability, cloud and BCP integration

  • Integration of omnichannel contact management in high-availability infrastructures of the information system and in the business continuity plan (BCP).
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