Change Management

The changes in organization, process, tools and culture brought about by digitization require everyone's support. To improve the customer experience, know-how must evolve more and more quickly. These transformations create uncertainty and even worry. Driving change consists of sharing management's vision and implementing human-centered support actions. 

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Giving meaning to change in an ever-changing world

The increasing pace of competitive, regulatory, and technological change is running up against organizational and human resistance. By constantly sharing the vision and target in the short, medium, and long term, we help employees to take ownership of the reasons for these transformations. To guarantee and sustain the success of different projects, change governance must be managed at all levels of management.

Ensure the development of the required know-how

Employee loyalty and commitment are necessary to create the conditions for the success of your projects. Training and support must be adjusted regularly. To break down silos and facilitate collaboration between teams, the organization of regular workshops facilitates the identification of skills to be shared or deepened.

Preparing the Digital Workplace for employees

With the development of teleworking, mobility, and working with remote teams, the Digital Workplace has become a key issue. The virtual work environment for employees must be progressive, personalized, and secure. Beyond the technological aspects (desktop virtualization, Cloud, collaborative tools), charters and procedures for use need to be clarified and shared by all.

Accelerate the digitization of services

One of the main lessons of the health crisis is that the digitalization of services is becoming vital. The digital strategy involves the identification of the services or internal processes to be digitized and the automation of low value-added actions. The roadmap must be prioritized according to the quantified value of the different projects, in terms of financial and human investments 

What do we do

Digital workplace

  • Definition of the workstation according to the teams and the common collaborative tools
  • Deployment of devices and tools to equip the Digital Workplace
  • Sharing of charters and procedures related to the use of new tools or working conditions

Digitalization of processes

  • Diagnosis of the services and processes internal to digitization with a vision of the associated value
  • Dematerialization of internal or external exchanges
  • Automation of low value-added tasks
  • Deployment of new services in an agile and customer-focused manner

Culture and training

  • Training, knowledge culture, broadening the horizons of each employee by promoting exchanges and knowledge.
  • Analysis of actions and initiatives to be implemented to support change management projects
  • Development of a culture of exchange and knowledge thanks to workshops, conferences, inter-company and inter-departmental exchanges, and the promotion of internal expertise.
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