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Almavia CX's Contact Center division addresses omnichannel projects built around the Voice channel. This media retains specificities in terms of networks, quality of service, integration with the IS, business, organization, and architecture. To deal with them, Almavia CX has brought together dedicated skills and has built an ecosystem of actors specializing in voice and open to digital media.

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The voice channel remains the preferred medium

Many omnichannel contact centers are essentially built around the Voice Channel. Historically based on telephony, this channel has always retained a privileged place despite the emergence of digital media such as email or chat. Voice is indeed more efficient when it comes to establishing a climate of trust between the company and its customers. Its popularity is growing among the general public with the success of PDAs, smart speakers, cars, and other connected objects. While voicebots and callbots are stealing the show from chatbots.

This return to voice grace is accelerated by advances in speech recognition, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence. These advances are paving the way for richer dialogue through a new generation of voice portals and services, as well as conversation content analysis, which means more agents, better routing of requests, and more efficient supervision.

Specific technologies

Voice processing technologies from the world of telephony have merged with those of information technology. However, voice imposes technical constraints related to its real-time nature, acoustic quality, and latency. This leads to choices in terms of network architectures, operators, protocols, and compression algorithms. Other issues are inherited from the history of telephony: renumbering, changing operators, or outsourcing.

Integration into the information system

The integration of telephony in the user's workstation results in functionalities such as a banner integrated into the CRM,  raising the customer file editing, and click-to-call. In addition, the telephone becomes software (softphone). Voice is also integrated into smartphones, for example through visual IVRs. Voice is also used to authenticate customers, sign contracts or pay transactions. On the other hand, the contact center is often part of a telemarketing approach, in connection with campaign management. All these forms of integration require the realization of connectors between telephony and IS. The integration also extends to IT production issues, up to the implementation of a PRA or PCA.

Distributed architecture, outsourcing and cloud

For reasons of efficiency and quality of service, large companies want to qualify and quantify in a homogeneous way incoming and outgoing call flows to a myriad of internal and external sites (contact centers, business services, agencies, or subsidiaries) and to teleworkers.

At the same time, contact center solutions are now available in SaaS mode. In this case, they must offer every guarantee in terms of availability, quality of service, and integration with the infrastructures of companies and operators, often themselves in the Cloud. The preference will be for SaaS offerings that are "full Cloud", multi-tenant and shared, robust and flexible in terms of scalability, upgrades, and integration of new channels. The appropriation of data hosted in the Cloud then raises specific questions.

What do we do

Phone reception

  • Design and modernization of a company's phone reception.
  • Creation of voice portals and services integrating natural language analysis, synthesis, and voice recognition technologies.

Voice-specific technologies

  • Implementation of conventional telephony and ToIP networks and protocols, as well as compression algorithms. Resolution of latency and voice distortion problems.

Coupling between telephone and computer systems

  • Implementation of CTI technologies that allow bridging between telephone systems, digital channels, CRM, ERP and other IS components.
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