Knowledge & customer journey

To constantly adapt different customer journeys and optimize sales performance, customer knowledge makes it possible to anticipate changes in customer/prospect behavior through data analysis. Customer data is now becoming a real business asset to be valued.

Your business specific

Optimize omnichannel customer paths through customer knowledge

In order to improve the customer experience, it becomes essential to break down the silos between the company's points of contact - marketing, sales, customer service or stores. The analysis of customer journeys in its different dimensions (physical and digital contact points, 360° vision, ergonomics, IS...) allows us to identify irritants and areas for improvement.

Valuing the company's data

The enhancement of customer data is made possible by technological innovations in data management and predictive analysis. The solutions and methods to aggregate and analyze this data (CRM, social media, accounting, and financial...) are therefore essential in the performance of companies. Tailor-made statistical models then allow us to identify new targets of potential customers, detect key moments to sell a product and a service, define the best offer for each individual, and adapt the message content strategy.


Engaging prospects and customers through marketing

The lessons learned from data science and route optimization allow you to engage your customers in a long-lasting relationship. The improvement of this commitment is notably achieved through a personalized experience according to the customer. Targeted marketing allows you to create the right messages for different routes and segments.

What do we do

Activation of marketing campaigns and programs

  • Activation and automation of marketing campaigns with deliverability control.
  • Recurrent optimization of current marketing scenarios (targets or messages).
  • Performance management of cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Data Valorization

  • Customer segmentation and profiling. Predictive scoring to adapt sales and marketing scenarios.
  • Attribution and contribution model of marketing levers
  • Management of the marketing budget on the different levers to maximize conversions.

Designing the customer journey through customer knowledge

  • Design of cross-channel customer paths, on physical and digital channels (email, web, mobile, SMS...).
  • Elaboration of KPIs to measure customer journey.
  • Targeted recommendation of products or services

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